How to Participate

How to Participate

Interested In Participating?

In an effort to provide our shoppers with access to a wide assortment of farm fresh produce, and in keeping with the original intent of a CFM, we do not provide space for crafts or other unrelated type of products.

FARMERS: Our Certified Farmers’ Markets are reserved for certified agricultural growers only and we do not allow agricultural merchants or whole sellers in the market.

Please check your local county agricultural department for requirements & restrictions.

Certified Grower

A Certified Grower is a person who owns or leases land in California and grows produce or animal products according to the state’s Agricultural Department Rules and Guidelines, which also concur with the Direct Marketing Guidelines, the governing documents for CFM. This means a grower must care for a crop from seed to harvest, certifying the crop with his/her local agricultural department, and then selling the produce in a farmers’ market or produce stand according to the Direct Marketing Guidelines.

Backyard Farmer

A Backyard Farmer is a homeowner (not a renter) with, for example, a fruit tree in their backyard who wants to sell that fruit in a farmers’ market. This homeowner is still required to follow the same proceedures as a farmer to become a certified grower. The homeowner will receive an Agricultural Certificate issued by their county agricultural department which enables then to sell their backyard fruit at a CFM and operate under the Direct Marketing Program.

Agricultural Merchant

An Agricultural Merchant is one that buys their product and then re-sells it, for example, in a store, or perhaps a flea market, and in some cases, a farmers market This could be nursery plants in ornamental pots, or a fruit and vegetable merchant who has purchased produce at a produce mart, or from another whole seller, or from a farmer. This is unregulated produce and unassociated with the Direct Market Program and defeats the purpose of a CFM impacting the small California farmer.


All three of our markets are curently at capacity, however we do have an active waiting list. If you meet the above criteria and your product is one that we feel would compliment our markets, you could be considered for the waiting list.

In order for us to make this determination please contact us at; please provide us with any related health department permits, a copy of your menu with prices and portion sizes, as well as pictures of your set-up.

We also require a sample of all applicants food products under considereation and will make arragments when contact is made.

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Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Please stay at home if you are feeling any Covid-19 related symptoms
  • Unvaccinated shoppers are required to wear face masks (including all children over 2 years old)
  • Vaccinated shoppers have the option to go without masks.
  • Please wash or sanitize hands upon entry to market.
  • Maintain 6 ft. distance from other shoppers throughout your visit
  • Enter and exit market only in designated areas
  • Shop fast and safe!